Women on the Water Day

6/10/2017 at 10AM

What’s Women on the Water?
It’s an event that is geared toward introducing women to boating on the river. The event is designed to be both educational and fun. It’s a day to promote women in the boating community and to get women behind the helm so they can enjoy the boating lifestyle.

How much does it cost?
Cost is $60 per person and includes lunch. The course is taught by U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains on the water.

What do we learn?
You will learn “Things you need to know in an emergency!” This covers the “what if” scenario. What if the person who normally operates the boat gets hurt, or worse, gets arrested and you are stuck to drive the boat back to port.

You will learn the following:
1. How to stop and start the engine
2. How to put the boat in forward, neutral and reverse
3. How to drop and anchor and retrieve an anchor
4. Calling for help on the VHF radio
5. Reading river navigational maps. (Maps are provided)
6. Learn the navigation buoys.
7. Learn who has the right away (Rules of the water)
8. How to operate and use a Fire Extinguisher. Make sure these are accessible from the cockpit when underway.
9. Docking the boat