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Pool 26 Mississippi River –

24/7 Marine Towing

Pool 26 Mississippi River Marine Towing – Our local, dependable, professional & legendary 24-hour On Water Assistance has been the reason most of our members join and renew. If you need a jump start, or break down on the water, we can be there with our marine towing vessel to tow & help, day or night, even if it’s not your boat. We are Pool 26 – Mississippi Rivers premier on water assistance company!

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While we only ask for information on one boat, our towing service levels for recreational boats are valid on any boat(s) you own or borrow.


If recommended by another Member, please give us the Member's Name.

*See Towing Agreement for Details

**Service Levels are not a deductible. You are responsible for all charges in excess of your chosen service level.

In an emergency situation, Member must contact Coast Guard or a government agency immediately. This Towing Service Agreement is not a promise of rescue and is restricted to Paid Services which can be provided with equipment immediately available to the towing company. Paid Services will be provided during normal boating season (April – October) and within the safe parameters of the towing company capabilities, but will not be rendered when the disabled vessel cannot be safely or reasonably reached or secured and/or properly serviced without damage or danger to either vessel or persons.

This Towing Service Agreement is not an insurance policy and does not provide for liability or damages arising out of injury to persons, boats or property and may not be transferred or assigned to another party. We are not responsible for damages to persons or vessels, incurred during towing and/or recovery of vessel. This Towing Service Agreement expires concurrent with Pool 26 Membership.